The Rich North Sea is a unique project that facilitates research into nature enhancement in offshore wind farms. At eight locations in the Dutch part of the North Sea artificial reefs and oyster tables have been placed. With these, nature enhancement is accelerated and strengthened. By monitoring frequently marine ecologists can adjust the separate projects. And together with scientists and wind farm owners a foundation is being laid for underwater nature to develop undisturbed.

For The Rich North Sea Costamundo produces films of events and offshore missions to the projects in wind farms. Capturing these missions brings some logistical challenges as camera crews need specific safety certificates.

Besides producing beautiful films Costamundo also manages the video archive for The Rich North Sea. We save all footage and regularly use it for a compilations or re-edits. We also provide external media and journalists with footage that they want to show in their reports. During 2023 and 2024 we produce a documentary, telling the story of The Rich North Sea five years after the launch.

“People often think about the North Sea as a large basin with salt water, but it contains so much life, so much beauty.”