The Dutch Oertijdmuseum (Geology Museum) in Boxtel started in a barn with a small exhibition and the sale of ammonites and fossils. By now, it has grown into a leading institute with own excavations, a laboratory where bones are prepared and a workshop where skeletons and replicas are being mounted. The museum has a cinema room where orginally they only showed films bought form external parties. As part of their extension and professionalization, we are producing commissioned documentaries for them since 2018.

After the documentaries BONE TO BEAST, THE EVOLUTION OF THE OERTIJDMUSEUM and THE BONE PUZZLE we are producing a new film in 2024 about recent digs and finds in Switzerland and Poland.

Besides our professional film productions we trained volunteers and employees of the museum in how to make better videos themselves for their online content. The vlogs and social media video posts have improved significantly thanks to our guidance.

“At a certain moment some volunteers were a bit too enthusiastic and they sort of stitched together a new species of dinosaurs.”