The documentary THE HORSESHOE’S HAPPINESS is about Tijs Groen, a promising athlete (3x Gold Dutch Champion) with big ambitions to one day participate in the European Championship or Olympics. During a holiday in Andalusia he ends up in the old coastal town of La Herradura (Spanish for ‘horseshoe’) and is impressed by the musical community and its creative and passionate inhabitants.

Inspired by the trip to Spain he takes a radical decision. He quits athletics, buys a van and takes off to Spain. Living in his van, he studies the guitar and arranges gigs in restaurants. The documentary captures Tijs during his first year in Spain and tells the story of his musical journey of discovery. With ups and downs Tijs learns to deal with his new lifestyle and the consequences of his choices.

The documentary was shown at the film festivals DocFeed, TrueDoc, Marbella International Filmfestival and The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience. It was also broadcast on the Dutch public station Omroep Gelderland.

“On my Facebook I don’t post images of my primitive life. I try to come across as a serious musician.”