The AAP Foundation rescues animals in need and helps them recover physically and mentally. They do this from their HQ in the Netherlands and the Spanish rescue center AAP Primadomus, near Alicante. After the rescue and recovery a place is found where the animals can stay for the rest of their lives. AAP also pleads in Europe for legislation to prevent animal suffering.

For the AAP Foundation we produce videos and photography for a variety of internal and external communication. One of the most memorable assignments was the recording of a transport of five rehabilitated tigers from AAP Primadomus in Spain to the Isle of Wight Zoo. All across Europa we joined the transport and captured photos and videos of the animals on the road to their new home.

Besides often relatively spontaneous rescues and transports we are documenting the Born To Be Wild project in Morocco. Here Barbary Macaques, rescued from captivity, are taken care of and socialized in the Tazekka National Park. The goal of this project is to let the animals free in their natural habitat, without any human involvement. When all goes well, this should be happening in 2024 or 2025. With several visits in between the different steps are documented.

“They have to unlearn that care is linked to people. They need to alienate from us and we have to slowly distance ourselves.”